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Managing a Team with Trust Issues?

Are you managing a team of people who do not trust each other? Is this challenging and draining for you? Are you looking for a way to get them to bond with each other and to start trusting each other by developing lasting relations? The fact is that a team that does not trust each other is not really a team at all. It is just a group of individuals who “work” together but are not really “working” together and as a result, the overall results of the team will be disappointing. It does not matter how talented or capable the people in your team are, if they do not trust each other, none of them will be able to reach their true potential if they cannot trust each other. By trusting each other, they become stronger as they are a part of a strong and cohesive team resulting in the team being able to achieve their collective goals.

Creative Cluster – Team Builders

We at Creative Clusters – Team Builders are here to help your team to learn how to trust each other. With years of experience in professional event management, we have become one of the leading team building companies in the United Kingdom. Offering a personal and friendly approach to our clients, we help you find the right activities to unite your teams.

Corporate Team Building

We provide a range of fun and effective corporate team building activities such as:

Indoor and outdoor activities

Weekend get-a-ways

Motivational days

Corporate entertainment

Corporate dinners and parties



Our main objective is to promote team bonding, team work, leadership skills, creativity skills and improved performance through these activities. Our events are tailored to fit your time, your budget and your aim. We can provide for any size of teams, from the smaller ones with three to five members to the larger ones with hundreds of members. In addition to the activities and events, we also offer the most prestigious team building venues in the United Kingdom and also overseas, if necessary.

Indoor and Outdoor Activities

Our indoor and outdoor activities are designed in such a way that they are perfect for any participant, from the adventurous employee to the senior business executive. Our outdoor events are perfect for the entire team to get out of the office and unwind. These activities are more adventurous in nature and are designed to cause team members to bond with each other while having fun and doing something exciting. In addition, team members will need to rely on each other and trust each other while improving their creative and problem solving skills in order to complete the activities. Our indoor activities are as fun as the outdoor activities but are just in a different settings and include activities such as a dancing workshop and a cooking classes.

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We offer fun, corporate team building activities to bring your team closer together as one!